To make your classified website you can try two different options, first one is you can find a free or paid classifieds script and buy it. Or the second one you can get your own website developed through a web development company and those will help you build your classified website. The cost of development is quite high so it is good idea to better decide whether you are running your website as an individual or as a company.


    If you are running your website as a company then it is worth the investment otherwise you won’t be able to survive after web development. So, if you are individual you can either choose to buy a classified script or get a hosted version of classified script. In hosted version you don’t need to manage anything except promotion. Once you done setting up your website you can then move to the monetization options available for you.


    Before you had decided to monetize it is good to make things clear about marketing because most monetization options will demand a high traffic on your website before they could even make sense to implement on your website.


    Adsense or PPC

    PPC is one of the major ways being used to monetize any type of website in the industry. Whether you are new to this or even familiar with this you can use adsense, or many other ad networks to monetize your website and they pay you for each click or impression they found legit on your website and they take a share from their advertiser and rest they give you. Adsense has 70/30 which is a good share.


    Affiliate marketing

    Affiliate is another great industry which is growing up a big time, there are lots of people who are trying to buying goods online and doing research whereas the affiliate marketing who are representing these buyers’ different goods and stuff with a complete information about the product which makes perfect sense. Affiliate income grows over time but it is also a big paying option in compare to the ppc.


    Premium classified ads

    This is one of the most commonly used by most companies which is another great option to monetize the website. With premium ads you can show users ads more often and more on the front page which makes perfect sense.

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  • We all know that home theatre is a costly thing to buy and even most of the people who are willing to purchase this often don’t buy it because of its cost. There is another option for those people who really want to buy expensive home theatre but because of its cost they often avoid buying it and continue to watch movie in cinema house. Well, cinema house is a good option but if you want your own private home theatre experience then you should consider buying home theatre for yourself.

    Free classifieds are another great option for all those people who are willing to sell their home theatre and also for them who wanted to buy used home theatre online. With the help of classified website anybody can easily buy and sell used and old stuff online. But most people who are not aware of the electronics and would like to test the product would need to test that by themselves because that is the only option available.

    Once you decide to buy home theatre for your home or for office you can start searching home theatre on classified website. There are many websites which offers a filter option which can also help you in filtering the search result based on your query. There are lots of home theatre brands which makes home theatre product for almost every person. It is good to know that most people often search these types of stuff and many offers as well.

    Sellers on classified website often are individuals who were using home theatre and now upgraded it to higher one which is why they wanted to sell their old one to another person. This is how old stuff is being sold and being a buyer you can test the home theatre before buying it because after buying old product you can’t claim any warranty or not even able to contact back to seller.

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  • These days everything can be bought online easily because with the help of ecommerce websites or free classifieds more than half of the variety of goods are being sold online. Almost every person because of their busy schedule they try to buy things online and get their things delivered to their home. This is quite easy and efficient; it not only saves time but also saves efforts also which will require in buying stuff from street.

    When we said half of variety of things meant that not everything is even now being sold online which makes it clear the there are many other options which can be explored and can easily be used to buy things online. Most books are now being bought easily through book stores but most book stores owners who are facing loss in their book store often try to switch their business to online business which is literally doesn’t require any monthly expenses.

    Classified website is a free and simple option to start selling books from shop as well as home because it doesn’t require any company to start selling books online. It’s a complete open source platform for sellers who are willing to sell their books online through internet. Most seller would prefer ecommerce platform where they will not require anything to manage or even manage shipping which is not the case with classified website.

    Most classified websites are just can be used for advertising so anyone who is looking for a promotion can easily promote their business and start selling their books through classified website. All the shipping and other things needs to be done through seller itself because these days everybody often try to buy almost everything so they could invest their precious time into other things which are more likely to be important for them.

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  • At first glance, both a data entry job and a computer operator job look quite the same but they do differentiate. We will briefly discuss some basic differences between the two. The first basic difference is that data entry is mostly an entry-level job i.e. a fresher right out of the completion of studies can apply for it while a computer operator job might not necessarily be one.

    The second major difference between the two is that a 12th class pass out can apply for a data entry job while for a computer operator job, you can be a 12th pass out but you will preferably need relevant computer knowledge certifications. Next, for a data entry operator, typing speed should be high and with at most accuracy. For a computer operator, this factor could be average. Related to work, data entry works involves inputting data from non-electronic formats of data. 

    The job of a computer operator involves monitoring the computer and controlling the computers in an organization and solves problems related to the software and hardware and also record-keeping. If you are looking for either of the two types of jobs, you can conduct the job search online on online job portals like Naukri, Indeed, Timejobs or look up at free classifieds for relevant job postings of the same. Both these job vacancy postings are placed regularly by companies.

    Some companies prefer to use part-time data entry operators i.e. they work as a contractor for the company and not on the permanent employee list. Computer operator jobs are mostly permanent ones as they are more of a technical job and they work majorly on networked personnel computers. So, in conclusion, we would state that for the job of a data entry operator one should have fast typing speeds and for that of a computer operator, one should have troubleshooting skills.

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  • Planning to sell your used mobile phone and you might plan to buy a new mobile phone which can easily be done through classifieds website. There are many physical stores that buy used mobile phones. You can try those out. But if your tech savvy and prefer using the internet, you are not short on options on them too. You can try out free classifieds sites like OLX, Craigslist etc where the users can easily buy and sell varied products online.

    Sellers should take note that there are different types of buyers. The first type is those who know exactly what they are looking for. Such buyers know the intricate details and hence they would like to read all the important point in the description of the sale advertisements posted by the seller. These buyers will not look at the brand name and model version but details like RAM, battery life, year of make, etc. The second type of buyers has not made up their minds on which used mobile phones to buy. They are browsing through the search options which have been displayed by the site depending on their search filter choices. Such buyers will shortlist and buy the used mobile phone which they feel suitable at that time.

    No matter which type of customers are the sellers of used mobile phones targeting, they should mention a clear description of the used mobile phones they are putting up for sale on any online sites. Even if it is a used mobile phone, the buyers are investing their money on it and hence will look for the perfect used mobile phone. They will also prefer to physically verify it before confirming the purchase. For this they would seek an appointment with the seller. Sellers should also remember that the market of used mobile phones is a huge one and there are hundreds of buyers who are interested in such purchase. Hence, if as a seller you wish to dispose off your old and used mobile phones, you have a huge market up there.

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