• Classifieds websites are websites which allow registered users to post an advertisement of the sale of products and services. They are free. There are no charges either for registration or placing advertisements in it. It is a good way to search for the best homeopathic doctors in your locality. Few well-known classifieds websites in India are OLX, Quikr, Craigslist etc. Each of these websites has lakhs of registered users. It is a good medium to advertise your business. The registration is a simple process with entering your contact details and then a simple verification is done via a code that is sent to your mobile number.

    Homeopathy is a branch of medicine which had originated in the late 1700s in Germany. It is based on the principle of ‘like cure likes’. The homeopathic medicines are made of naturally occurring substances and there are no side-effects when these medications are taken. Homeopathic doctors are also referred to as Homeopaths. There are a lot of listings of homeopaths in classifieds websites. These doctors just need to create a free account in any of such websites of their choice and post an advertisement of the services they provide along with their contact details. Patients who are in search of good homeopathic doctors will come across the listing and contact the doctor for an appointment.

    Patients who are registered users of such websites can easily put in their requirements in the search filter and select the most suitable doctor to them when the list displays. These free classifieds are an easy way to find registered practitioners of homeopathy in your locality and city. The patient can easily book an appointment with the selected doctor as their contact details are clearly mentioned. Along with a number of homeopathic doctors listed, these websites also have a number of homeopathic clinics in their listings. Good homeopathic doctors can be consulted in these clinics as well.

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  • Are you thinking of buying a used car online on classifieds? If so, read on. We shall be stating a few tips on buying a used car online on classifieds websites. But first, why do owners of cars decide to sell off their precious possession. This could be because of either of the two reasons mentioned next - the owner of cars prefers to sell off their present car when they have decided to purchase a new one. Alternatively, if a car has started working not as efficiently as it used to, then owners decide to sell it. In both cases, owners do opt for classifieds websites to post classifieds of sale.

    Interested buyers looking out for a used car are using the search options for the search of the car of their choice. We mention a few tips on how to select that one car out of the many options that are displayed.

    -        Don’t over-exceed your budget. Find the most relevant car of your choice within the budget you have planned for.

    -        The condition of the car matters. So, do you inquire about the present condition of the car along with if it has undergone any repairs in the past? It would be preferable to take a mechanic along with you when you go for the visual inspection of the car.

    -        It is important to own the relevant papers from the ex-owner before paying the placer of the advertisement. This is probably the most vital task after you have selected which used car you want to purchase from free classifieds. The important documents include – registration certificate, insurance papers, the latest pollution certificate and the original purchase invoice of the car.

    By conducting the proper homework, and considering the above-mentioned tips, the buyers can conveniently buy a used car online on classifieds. Also, find time to read about how to choose the perfect used car for purchase. Sites like AutoCarIndia have relevant articles on it.

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  • Among the companies that are known as buying and selling various categories of products, OLX and Quikr come first to the mind. These sites are dependable sites that offer the possibility of placing free classifieds. Just a brief introduction about both of them first before we check on the statistics of both these classifieds on various parameters. Quikr is an Indian start-up that was formed in 2008 and is a common choice among Indians. On the other hand, OLX is a company based in Argentina which has a global presence and had started operations in the year 2006.

    According to reports, OLX has much better technology than Quikr. Experts believe that OLX has a far better search engine algorithm that Quikr too. When the comparison of visitors to the sites is done between these two sites, OLX exceeds Quikr by millions whether it is in OLX Delhi or any other city. This is so as the former is a global firm present in more than 90 countries. Let us know about the number of categories of these sites now. OLX has eight while Quikr has twelve. The categories of OLX are – community, classes, vehicles, sale, real estate, services, matrimonial and jobs and the categories of Quikr are home & lifestyle, vehicles, electronics, real estate, jobs, entertainment, services, pets, community, matrimonial, education and events. Both the classifieds have sub-categories in each category.

    The next criteria that we are comparing among these two classifieds are their mobile apps. While OLX has mobile applications for Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS, Quikr has mobile apps for just Android and iOS. Due to this OLX has better exposure comparatively. Next, we discuss about one vital criterion – search results. The general opinion of users and professionals are alike that the search results of OLX are far better than Quikr

    Overall, when all the aspects are considered that are a necessity for classifieds, OLX far exceeds Quikr and is considered the better option. Sites like Business Today have a good comparison report between the two sites.

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  • Accessibility to the sellers is always a major challenge for buyers in India. In a hustling city like Hyderabad, buying stuff online always has its pros and cons. And, there have been numerous cases where buyers have been duped after paying to seller accounts through online free classifieds.

    This happens usually when there is no reliability in the character of sellers. To solve the problem, OLX has developed its verified seller accounts. The problem is now in control while making a purchase on OLX Hyderabad. And, contacting the seller directly is more easy and secure in the city of Hyderabad.

    Verified Contact Information

    While setting up a OLX account, users are requested to enter their true information. And, range information ranges from your UID number to your PAN, mobile number, bank account details and your current address. Each part of this information is verified by OLX support team. The team usually takes 24 hours or less to verify your information.

    Once seller information is verified thoroughly, buyers can rest assured that contacting sellers is a safe business with OLX. Hyderabad is a city that has tons of sellers with similar names and selling items. To avoid this confusion, a verified seller information is a must.

    Transparency throughout the Purchase

    The next best move to ensure an easy seller contact on OLX Hyderabad is keeping this verified information transparent. There could be cases of refund or return, and OLX doesn’t leave its buyers half-way in the process. You get complete access to the seller info throughout the purchase and that helps you secure the deal in a better way.

    To sum it up, approaching the sellers on OLX Hyderabad has never been more easy and secure. In other portals, this is still a problem. That’s the main reason why sellers and buyers prefer OLX over other ecommerce websites.

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  • Before you call yourself a content writer you should check these few things, if you have all these skills then you can call yourself a good content writer. Content writer is basically a content developer in technical term but it is the same way works like others, most writers write their story or novel just like them a content write writes a useful piece of content. Most content writers often provide their content writing services to others so that they could make cash.

    This is a very great profession in terms of creativity, because it basically an art to write a beautiful content and make it useful for other readers who are reading content. You could ask the question what does content writer means, then I can explain you that a content writer means a person who writes a high-quality content that no other person can write. This is an art to impress other people with the writing by just writing few words on the page whether it is online or offline.

    If you want to become content writer then you need to follow these few five things before you could call yourself a content writer.

    Unique Content Writing
    A good content writer always writes a unique and high-quality content for which you would be known in future. Most content writers often take this profession as a way of earning but its not only a way of earning but also more than that.

    Take it as a passion
    Passion is more than a career, if you are passionate about content writing then you can achieve a good place in terms of writing quality.

    Read More and More Content on the Web
    This is always useful for freshers who have just started learning how to write content or need to do things to become a successful content writer. The more you will read good content the more you will be able to understand what you should write and how.

    SEO knowledge
    These days, just for earning purpose you should be aware of the keywords targeting in guest posting, free classifieds content writing, blog writing etc., because these types of content often require a SEO optimization inside the content.

    Re Read your content
    This is very important thing if you are willing to write a perfect piece of content, then you should read your own written content again so that you could find your mistakes and fix them in next content.

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