• How to Build and Monetize Classifieds Website


    To make your classified website you can try two different options, first one is you can find a free or paid classifieds script and buy it. Or the second one you can get your own website developed through a web development company and those will help you build your classified website. The cost of development is quite high so it is good idea to better decide whether you are running your website as an individual or as a company.


    If you are running your website as a company then it is worth the investment otherwise you won’t be able to survive after web development. So, if you are individual you can either choose to buy a classified script or get a hosted version of classified script. In hosted version you don’t need to manage anything except promotion. Once you done setting up your website you can then move to the monetization options available for you.


    Before you had decided to monetize it is good to make things clear about marketing because most monetization options will demand a high traffic on your website before they could even make sense to implement on your website.


    Adsense or PPC

    PPC is one of the major ways being used to monetize any type of website in the industry. Whether you are new to this or even familiar with this you can use adsense, or many other ad networks to monetize your website and they pay you for each click or impression they found legit on your website and they take a share from their advertiser and rest they give you. Adsense has 70/30 which is a good share.


    Affiliate marketing

    Affiliate is another great industry which is growing up a big time, there are lots of people who are trying to buying goods online and doing research whereas the affiliate marketing who are representing these buyers’ different goods and stuff with a complete information about the product which makes perfect sense. Affiliate income grows over time but it is also a big paying option in compare to the ppc.


    Premium classified ads

    This is one of the most commonly used by most companies which is another great option to monetize the website. With premium ads you can show users ads more often and more on the front page which makes perfect sense.

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    Lundi 29 Mars 2021 à 06:08

    They pay you for each click or impression they found legity,.

    Mercredi 20 Juillet à 11:17

    What a useful share, sometimes I use websites but don't know the direction so I often get errors. Thank you for sharing interesting and detailed on how to proceed words from letters

    Mardi 9 Août à 06:21

    Great article it is really informative and innovative keep us posted with new updates. It was really valuable.

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