• Olx vs Quikr which is better classifieds

    Among the companies that are known as buying and selling various categories of products, OLX and Quikr come first to the mind. These sites are dependable sites that offer the possibility of placing free classifieds. Just a brief introduction about both of them first before we check on the statistics of both these classifieds on various parameters. Quikr is an Indian start-up that was formed in 2008 and is a common choice among Indians. On the other hand, OLX is a company based in Argentina which has a global presence and had started operations in the year 2006.

    According to reports, OLX has much better technology than Quikr. Experts believe that OLX has a far better search engine algorithm that Quikr too. When the comparison of visitors to the sites is done between these two sites, OLX exceeds Quikr by millions whether it is in OLX Delhi or any other city. This is so as the former is a global firm present in more than 90 countries. Let us know about the number of categories of these sites now. OLX has eight while Quikr has twelve. The categories of OLX are – community, classes, vehicles, sale, real estate, services, matrimonial and jobs and the categories of Quikr are home & lifestyle, vehicles, electronics, real estate, jobs, entertainment, services, pets, community, matrimonial, education and events. Both the classifieds have sub-categories in each category.

    The next criteria that we are comparing among these two classifieds are their mobile apps. While OLX has mobile applications for Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS, Quikr has mobile apps for just Android and iOS. Due to this OLX has better exposure comparatively. Next, we discuss about one vital criterion – search results. The general opinion of users and professionals are alike that the search results of OLX are far better than Quikr

    Overall, when all the aspects are considered that are a necessity for classifieds, OLX far exceeds Quikr and is considered the better option. Sites like Business Today have a good comparison report between the two sites.

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