• Selling On Amazon VS Selling On Classifieds

    It is time for the yearly cleaning and you have sorted out things that are no longer in use. Or you have used a particular item many times and do not wish to use it anymore. Or any other circumstances where you have things in hand which are of use no longer. What do you plan to do of them? Either you can give them away to charity or sell them at second-hand stores to get some cash in hand. There are many stores that buy and sell old and used items. Even if you are selling new items, you are contemplating thoughts in your mind as to where to sell it.

    You have decided to sell. Now you are confused as to where to sell it. You do have quite a few selections. First you need to decide whether you want to sell it a physical store or at an online store. In the event of the latter, you are again open to options as to sell it on the e-commerce giant Amazon or of free classifieds like OLX, Quikr etc.

    If you are selling on Amazon, you will have to have a good quantity of inventory of the item to sell. Depending on the category of the item, Amazon charges the seller a fee. On the other hand, you can place your sale advertisement for free on classifieds. The second major difference between the two options is that Amazon has a massive reach and your item can attract buyers from all parts of the country but classifieds work well with local buyers.

    Ultimately, it also depends on the type of product you are selling. Also, it depends on circumstances too. If you want an item to be sold off quickly or you have a used item, it will sell well on classifieds. On the other hand, new products sell good on Amazon. Both of these marketplaces will you buyers.

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