• Why is it Easy Contacting Seller on OLX Hyderabad?

    Accessibility to the sellers is always a major challenge for buyers in India. In a hustling city like Hyderabad, buying stuff online always has its pros and cons. And, there have been numerous cases where buyers have been duped after paying to seller accounts through online free classifieds.

    This happens usually when there is no reliability in the character of sellers. To solve the problem, OLX has developed its verified seller accounts. The problem is now in control while making a purchase on OLX Hyderabad. And, contacting the seller directly is more easy and secure in the city of Hyderabad.

    Verified Contact Information

    While setting up a OLX account, users are requested to enter their true information. And, range information ranges from your UID number to your PAN, mobile number, bank account details and your current address. Each part of this information is verified by OLX support team. The team usually takes 24 hours or less to verify your information.

    Once seller information is verified thoroughly, buyers can rest assured that contacting sellers is a safe business with OLX. Hyderabad is a city that has tons of sellers with similar names and selling items. To avoid this confusion, a verified seller information is a must.

    Transparency throughout the Purchase

    The next best move to ensure an easy seller contact on OLX Hyderabad is keeping this verified information transparent. There could be cases of refund or return, and OLX doesn’t leave its buyers half-way in the process. You get complete access to the seller info throughout the purchase and that helps you secure the deal in a better way.

    To sum it up, approaching the sellers on OLX Hyderabad has never been more easy and secure. In other portals, this is still a problem. That’s the main reason why sellers and buyers prefer OLX over other ecommerce websites.

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